Wedding: A Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Wedding: A Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Wedding Colors Tips from a Photographer’s Point of View

Choosing the colors for your wedding can be an ordeal. Matching your favorites with your spouses can lead to some vivid color combinations. Here is a guide from a photographer’s perspective on how colors can lead to amazing wedding photos.

Colors that Flatter or Conceal

Darker colors tend to be very slimming and bring out the best in an individual’s figure. Accessories also help to bring out the right elements as seen in the first photo. Also darker colors in your background may conceal items in a photograph such as a speaker tower.

Tracy & Everett ring

Color Uniformity

The colors in the decor of the gazebo, flowers, dresses, and lighting at the reception give a uniform feel and overall complete feeling to this wedding. The bouquets help bring together the purples and whites of the entire wedding party and decorations. The choice to use a white isle vs a red carpet was a wise choice since a deep red would distract from the uniformity of colors.

Color Vibrancy and Contrast

The more contrast in color you have in any photograph, the more alive it will feel. If everything was white and black, or grey and blue, the photos would feel kind of plain. Why does grey and blue end up looking plain? If you look on the color spectrum, grays and blues are very close together. Try choosing colors on different ends of the spectrum to get the best impact for your photos. Below is a color wheel to help envision your color scheme. The black border of the wheel and white background of the blog are similar to a black suit and white wedding dress.

What if Our Favorite Colors Don’t Match?

You are absolutely allowed to have more than two colors. I recommend choosing a third that ties the two together. Say you have yellow and silver which are extremely different. Choosing violet or maroon in subtle places will add vibrancy as well as make the yellow and silver stand out more. What I mean by subtle is for example on the border of your table cards or on in the bouquet. The wedding party themselves can be adorn in your favorite colors but maybe add a tiny accessory that ties them together.

Tracy & Everett Centerpieces

Color Transition

Having the wedding party hold the bouquets in front of them bring focus in the bride’s direction. Our eyes tend to naturally focus away from darker colors and toward lighter ones. This is why the bride often wears brilliant white.

In the same way the bouquets bring together the photos of the bridal party, your centerpieces will bring together the colors of the reception. The green of the leaves, maroon of the jar, and yellowish of the grasses on the table make the colors stand out even more.

Remember Your Centerpieces

Choosing your wedding colors can be a long journey, hopefully these tips will help provide a shortcut so that you can focus on more important things like your love for one another. If you need help with testing out colors I recommend a engagement photo shoot. This way you can see how the colors turn out before the wedding date. For more information on scheduling an engagement, save the date, sunset, or wedding photography sessions click here or on the “Engagement & Wedding” tab on the website.

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