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Author: Jolene

It’s like a movie! Putting myself in their shoes!

By, Tabitha Miki Floral Designer for Paradise Proposals. Almost every girl I know loves a good “chick flick”! The hopeless romantic wooing the girl of his dreams and getting to “pop” the question; but never in my wildest dreams, did I ever imagine I would have the privilege of taking part in setting the stage…

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Surprise Engagement at Lanikai Beach

“Lanikai” means heavenly ocean in the Hawaiian Language and when you see the beach, you will know exactly why. It’s known for its tranquil blue waters, bright blue skies, powdery white sand, and view of the famous Mokulua Islands. As one of the best beaches of Oahu, Hawaii; Lanikai Beach is also voted one of…

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Surprise Engagement Survival Kit

The Surprise Engagement Survival Kit for Hawaii

By Jolene Kaneshige, Ninja Photographer. Oh the internet, the place where anyone can spend countless hours of downtime surfing and being somewhat productive by satisfying the mind’s interest or the heart’s desire. Once upon such a journey; there was this really cool thing on pinterest called the “Engagement Survival Kit!” Now, before you start googling…

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She said “YES!”

By Jolene Kaneshige, Ninja Photographer. A few blog posts showcased the stunning areas in Oahu, Hawaii, but little did you know… there’s MORE!!! To read more about them see Kaka’ako Beach Park and Lanikai Beach. Today we will show you “Off the beaten path” or “Off da beaten path” as locals like to say (in…

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First Birthday Parties in Hawaii

In this post I will explain a little bit about how “Hawaii-ans” celebrate First Birthdays! Note: Why are you saying “Hawaii-ans?” I thought that the correct term was “Hawaiian’s” In Hawaii if you do not have Hawaiian blood then you can not say that you are “Hawaiian.” “Hawaii-ans” is a term that I use (and...
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