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When is it a good time to take individual portraits?

In addition to wedding photography I also enjoy shooting portraits such as family portraits, individual portraits/headshots, and pets portraits. Photography is one of those fields that is so diverse! There is truly a type of photography for everyone and every occasion; as its been something that has stuck with me as soon as I could...
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What’s your secret? Sunset Photography Tips! Part II

In the last post we discussed a few photography tips for those picture perfect sunset photos. Whether you are practicing wedding photography, taking family portraits, or learning how to take photos getting the right exposure for your background and lighting your subjects are half of the equation! Here are a few more tips that I’ve…

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Kilauea Volcano erupts on the Big Island of Hawaii

I’ve been getting messages from Coordinators, Friends, and Family asking if I’m doing OK in lieu of all the volcanic activity that has been happening.  The short answer is, YES.  I am doing fine. =) The long answer is we are experiencing some volcanic activity on the Big Island of Hawaii.  The state of Hawaii…

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