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Photo Adventuring

Travel Adventures. Part II

Lucky for me costco had some sales on thermal clothing so I did some shopping! Although after being in the cold, it doesn’t seem like 5 layers of clothing is enough. I was so bundled up the other day and my face felt like it was sooo frozen! On the bright side the ability to…

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Travel Adventures. Part I

During the holidays most people would be flocking to Hawaii! Who wouldn’t? People all over the world come here to get married and sit on a beach or in a hammock to escape the freezing cold weather. We have 70-80 degree temperatures, warmth, the beach, and sunlight all year round. Not to mention those amazing…

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Oahu Photo Adventuring: Hanauma Bay Rim Trail

One of my favorite places for Photo Adventuring on Oahu is Hanauma Bay Rim Trail.  AKA.  Hanauma Bay Loop Hike or Koko Head Rim Trail.  Please do NOT confuse this for the Koko head hike.  (I would NOT recommend that one for photo adventuring.  Exercising…yes, photo adventuring…NO!). Hanauma Bay is a Natural Preserve located on the…

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halona blowhole beach

Oahu Photo Adventuring: Hālona blowhole & beach cove

We are back to continue along the Southeast shore of Oahu on our EPIC Photo Adventure!   Next STOP: Hālona blowhole, cave, & beach. Note: Hālona is a Hawaiian word which means “lookout.”  (I actually had no idea and was calling it Hālona blowhole lookout, but after further research I realized how redundant it was grammatically.  =P)…

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Makapu'u lookout

Oahu Photo Adventuring: Makapu’u Lookout

The Makapu’u lookout is on Oahu’s south east side, just off of Kalanianaole Highway.  It has stunning views overlooking the Makapu’u Beach Park, the sea cliffs, Kaohikaipu Island, and Rabbit island (also known as Manana Island).  The pros: Its easy to get to.  You can drive or catch an uber.  You park in the lot…

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