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Couture Floral Rose Bouquets

Couture Floral Rose Bouquets Jolene Kaneshige PhotographyReflections on Creating Florals for Our Proposal Packages
By, Tabitha Miki Floral Designer

There are so many styles and different ways to arrange a simple bunch of roses! The possibilities are endless! That’s the idea that I wanted to capture and showcase! It may seem like just another rose bouquet, to some, but for me it was a challenge to allow our artistry to shine! I did not just want the gentlemen to present just any bunch of roses to their future fiancee! I wanted to provide them with an opportunity to have a couture rose bouquet that was reminiscent of a bridal bouquet, giving them that jump start on options from the beginning! It seemed the perfect gift for the newly engaged couple.

This is a first look at options for the newly engaged couple for her wedding bouquet! It is that initial contact with a florist that provides a unique experience into the world of flowers! There will be so many different options of flowers for her to incorporate, but to have this style of bouquet from the start is special!

Each couple has their own personality and I wanted to capture that concept in my floral work as well. The Halloween and Look Book photo shoots allowed me to take the simple rose and dress it up in a relevant way to the theme. It was about using different varieties, and different colors, and adding different accessories into the bouquet. I also realized that style, flower placement and utilizing the rose in a different way could also be an interesting presentation. Roses don’t have to be boring or traditional, there are so many things that you can use them for.

I decided I would create a couture rose bouquet gallery to prove my point. In this gallery, I plan to challenge myself to think about taking the rose and using them in multiple applications to suit many different style preferences. From traditional to contemporary, fantasy, to out of this world, I want to show our clients that the simple rose can play a role in making the proposal memorable and didn’t just have to be “another rose bouquet”. They could play, dream, and have fun planning one of the most memorable moments in their life! That “simple rose” may be more than meets the eye!

One of the ways I want to dress up the rose is to do a traditional composite flower, which just means I start with a whole rose and then I use petals from other roses to make 1 giant rose. It is a traditional technique as far as floral design is concerned, but I want to add to its mystique by creating a composite that has an ombre effect. I will begin with one color and gradually fade the color to white. Then to really take it to the next level and bring a touch of whimsy and fantasy to the flower I plan on painting the stem and leaves gold and will secure a jewel in the center of the rose. Then encase it in simple floral cellophane and tie a velvet ribbon into a simple bow. I don’t want to detract from the composite rose itself! It will already be a work of art! I want the packaging to complement the bouquet. Composites are true masterpieces and a labor of love!

I also realize that there is still a need for that simple rose bouquet, but I always enjoy adding that special touch to make it unique! This rose bouquet gallery is exactly that, a labor of love! This is one project that will be on going, so stay tuned for more sneak peaks and ideas to incorporate into your romantic, surprise, destination proposal! Need help planning? Contact us! We would love to tell your story!

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