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Destination Proposals: The Venue Hunt

By, Tabitha Miki Floral Designer

I love my island and all the wonderful, romantic, and beautiful beaches it has to boast of, but I have always been someone who enjoys marching to the beat of my own drum. I appreciate things that are not stereotypical, and cookie cutter. Don’t get me wrong, there is NOTHING wrong with the beach! It has so much meaning and beauty! I just enjoy looking for opportunities to be different and to think outside the box, embrace creativity and find new adventures to enjoy! On that note, I decided that I needed to shake things up and go on a hunt to provide our visitors with some new and different options for proposal venues! So I will start here on the gorgeous island of Oahu!

Nicknamed the gathering place, Oahu has a little of everything to offer, secluded beaches; and still an abundance of historical sites, museums, and fabulous restaurants showcasing the diverse cultures living on the island! My first stop on my venue hunt was Iolani Palace, located not far off from downtown Honolulu. We are the only state to have an authentic palace that housed Hawaiian monarchs! I absolutely love the grounds of the palace! They are simply gorgeous! The palace was built in 1882 by King Kalakaua and was the home of its last reigning monarchs until the overthrow of the monarchy in 18923. The items of the Palace are recovered and preserved by “The Friends of Iolani Palace”. Upon visiting the grounds all the pieces and paintings seem to come back to life chanting their tales of the Hawaiian monarchy! The beautiful furnishings, the enchanting grounds; what princess wouldn’t want to be able to be proposed to at an actual palace!! A Hawaiian destination proposal at a real palace! How incredible would that be?! Imagine pulling up in a Classic Limo and walking on a path of red rose petals!

It’s hard to follow that act, but I had to keep searching for something new, something exciting!  My hunt for the perfect venues then took me to Kualoa Ranch, located on the windward coast of Oahu! At first it doesn’t sound exciting, but as I walked the grounds I found that the scenery looked awfully, eerily familiar! I half expected a velociraptor to come charging out of the bushes! (Haha) There are quite a few fun adventures to be had at the ranch before you “pop the question”! There’s nothing like getting into the mood of I will be your hero then trekking through the scenery where thrilling movies were shot! Allowing yourselves to be transported to another time and place and then making your own “romantic scene”, by proposing at the end of the tour! There are also quite a few options of where on Kualoa Ranch’s vast grounds! I was simply amazed at how many places I could envision a romantic yet exciting proposal!

Two amazing places! I couldn’t be happier but that fire still was burning inside of me to continue my search! Unfortunately, the golden Hawaiian sun was beginning to dip into the cool waters, signaling the end of the day. Content with my efforts for the day, I slid back into the car and headed home. The hunt will have to continue another day!! Stay tuned for more venue hunts and suggestions! Ready to start your destination venue hunt? Need help? Contact us and let us assist you in your “hunt!” We would love to help tell your story!

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