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How to get married in Hawaii?

How to get married in Hawaii? Jolene Kaneshige PhotographyImagine getting married on a beach and standing next to the most important person in your life.  Truly, there is no better place to say “I do,” than in paradise.  How do we get there?  The process is easier than you think!

  1. Requirements.  As part of the Marriage equality act, a couple of any gender can obtain a license to get married Hawaii! You also don’t need to be a US citizen!
    • If you are the legal age of 18 – present your birth certificate or a certified copy.
    • If you are 19 and older a valid ID or driver’s license will do.
    • If you have been married provide a valid proof of your divorce decree or death certificate of your previous spouse within 30 days of applying for the marriage license.
    • Blood tests are not required, but you cannot be closer than first cousins.
  2. Complete the online application or download the form here.  There is a $65.00 fee to submit your application.
    • Marriage licenses are valid for 30 days in the State of Hawaii after approval.
  3. Appear together in person before a license agent to obtain the civil union or marriage license (pink or green form).
    • Bring documents such as proof of ID and paperwork of previously terminated marriages.
    • You will need to take a number and wait until you are called.
    • On Oahu go to Hawaii State Department of Health.  Address: 1250 Punchbowl Street.  Honolulu, HI 96813.  They are open from 8:00am – 4:30pm.  Monday – Friday, excluding holidays & state holidays.  Please call ahead to make sure they are open.
  4. File the paper or ID number by giving it to the officiant!

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