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Get to know the Ninja Photographer: Part II

Get to know the Ninja Photographer: Part II Jolene Kaneshige PhotographyAre you stealthy? Really stealthy?

I tend to be very stealthy. For example: Grooms to be that book me for a surprise engagement proposal usually walk right past me and don’t suspect that I’m their photographer secretly lurking and ready to spring into action! Hiding behind trees and bushes is great…but a lot of times hiding in plain sight is much better to be close to the action and get the perfect shot! During surprise engagement proposals it’s a dead give away if I were to wear my usual professional photographer attire and carry my 2 large cameras around. I’m not sure how well I could hide with all that extra gear weighing me down.

I also never like to stay in one place very long. This works out great for shooting surprise proposals, destination wedding, and event photography in Hawaii. I’ve seen some photographers that are planted in a particular space, but I hate to be in the way, especially with the advent of social media. I’ve had couples that may want to stream live video to share the moment with friends and family. The point of being stealthy is to not be seen after all!

What do you wear to a Surprise Engagement Proposal?

“When in Hawaii do as the Hawaii-ans do.” Dressing appropriately to match the patrons in the local area helps me be super sneaky and blend in. If we are at the beach or park I will wear something casual and hide my camera under a newspaper or book.

What is your favorite thing to capture?

I really enjoy capturing candid moments. Photo-bombers are fun too, but sometimes people just don’t look as lively when they know you are going to take their photo. It’s really important to me to capture people in their natural element and having fun. I know that when I look back at my personal images everything starts to come back to me and I start to reminisce about all the fun times spent together.  Those are moments that I really cherish and can’t get enough of!

This concludes the “Getting to know the Ninja Photographer” section…for now.  If you have any questions or want to book me for an upcoming surprise engagement proposal, destination wedding, or wedding in Honolulu, the Hawaiian Islands, in the States, or anywhere in the world (I love to travel) send me a message!

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