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Getting ready for the big Hawaii vacation. Part I

Getting ready for the big Hawaii vacation. Part I Jolene Kaneshige PhotographyIt took awhile, but after traveling around the world from Hawaii and back I can say that I’m pretty travel savvy. Travel can be stressful and even I still get flustered. These some helpful tips that I have garnished over the years which have helped save me and give me peace of mind. I hope that you find it useful when you plan your family reunion or vacation. These tips are especially useful if you are getting ready for a surprise engagement proposal or destination wedding in Hawaii.

  1. Planning activities in advanced. If you are planning on getting professional photos taken please plan at least 2-3 weeks in advance. It takes 1-2 weeks to get the beach permits for on location photo shoots and 2-3 weeks to order flowers for leis or wedding bouquets. Also, planning a professional photo session in Hawaii is less stressful if its not rushed or a last minute venture.  I specialize in surprise engagement proposal photography and destination weddings.  Send me an email if you need additional tips or information.
  2. Make a list. Whether you pack a week or a few hours before your departure, it’s important to make a throughout list. This list should be all inclusive from planning daily attire, gathering toiletries, to closing up the house. Do you have a nice neighbor or a friend that will stop by your home to make sure everything is in order? If the answer is “yes,”leaving them a separate list is most helpful. For example: Do the plants or yard need to be watered? What about the mail? Is there a spare key? When does the dog need to be fed? Who is the emergency contact if you cannot be reached?
  3. Final walkthrough. After you have gathered everything on your list take some time to do a final walkthrough and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Most importantly make sure you have your ID, flight tickets/information, wallet, and phone/charger. Make sure major appliances (if applicable) are off. If you have forgotten something – don’t worry about the small stuff, those can always be bought when you land.

to be continued…

If you enjoyed this post and need help planning your next family vacation portrait session please send me a message!  I would love to hear from you!