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Personalized Gifts for the Groom

Whether its a nice card with heart felt words or a personalized gift on the big day, its always a nice touch to give gifts to each other.  Also note, you know your man best!  Take into consideration his hobbies and interests.  Is he an outdoors man or a computer gamer? Does he like to cook?  Does he have a taste for antiques? In this particular post I will share a few of my favorite gifts for grooms.

collar stay


Collar stays

Polished & customized stainless steel which can be engraved with a special message.  These come in various sizes and insert into the collars of most dress shirts.  Its an eloquent gift that can be used again and again.  Just please remember to take them out of shirts before washing them!  I’ve lost a few this way so I can speak from personal experience.


Cufflinks and Tie bars

This is not only an nice accessory, but also very stylish.  There is a wide and variety of cufflinks to choose from.  No really!  They not only have letters for his initial, but also his favorite marvel/DC character logo or variety of metal that he’s not allergic to!  This is a very important factor because if your skin turns an ugly green, is red, or flaking, its really not something you want to worry about on the big day.




PocketwatchPersonalized Pocket Watch

I don’t know what it is about pocket watches… They are so dapper, so rustic, and so fancy.  If he’s into antiques surprise him with this baby and have it engraved with your wedding date.  He will be sure to remember your anniversary every time he checks the time.


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