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She said “YES!”

She said "YES!" Jolene Kaneshige Photography

By Jolene Kaneshige, Ninja Photographer.

A few blog posts showcased the stunning areas in Oahu, Hawaii, but little did you know… there’s MORE!!! To read more about them see Kaka’ako Beach Park and Lanikai Beach. Today we will show you “Off the beaten path” or “Off da beaten path” as locals like to say (in our version of pidgin/creole/slang English.) So…What makes this spot amazing? It’s one of the most romantic and a picturesque hidden gems on the east side, especially to get engaged or married. This secret location is surrounded by sun, sand, ocean, view of the mountains, rocks, and other greenery. There is even a rope swing at this particular spot! It also accessible, meaning that its close by, and getting to the beach (after parking) is a quick 5 minute walk.

However, if you don’t know where it is, chances are…you won’t be able to find it. There are many famous nearby public beach spots on Oahu, but there is nothing quite like turning down a road and enjoying your own private beach away from most of the tourist! It’s such a huge change of pace compared to the hustle and bustle of Waikiki!

Recently, we had a special request from Neil who was a visiting the islands with his girlfriend, Jaclyn. He wanted to surprise her by proposing! In other words, popping the big question! We corresponded via email and text to go over all the details and explained to him how to get to the location (without getting lost). Google map pin drops and cell phone technology are such a wonderful thing!

The ninja photographer got there a little early to do some scouting. Neil also gave us a description of what they were wearing and approximately what time they would be there. All that was left to do was to wait and hide.

Being a ninja photographer might seem like a fun job, but no one ever goes into it thinking that they would be crawling through the bushes, laying on the sand, and coordinating spy like top secret missions! or do they?

Soon enough the ninja photographer had them in their sights with a long telescopic (telephoto) lens. A low shrub was the only thing keep their identity concealed. Patiently the ninja waited until the time was right and Neil made his move by asked Jaclyn “Will you marry me?”

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