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Surprise Engagement at Lanikai Beach

“Lanikai” means heavenly ocean in the Hawaiian Language and when you see the beach, you will know exactly why. It’s known for its tranquil blue waters, bright blue skies, powdery white sand, and view of the famous Mokulua Islands. As one of the best beaches of Oahu, Hawaii; Lanikai Beach is also voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It’s no wonder that Chris sought out this beach for his surprise engagement proposal!

Located next to Kailua Beach, Lanikai Beach can be a little tricky to locate, as there are no posted beach signs. However, there are a few hidden beach access areas nearby residential housing. There was some coordinating involved as we had to figure out which beach access road would lead to the top secret proposal spot. Thank goodness for google maps and texting. I’m not sure how people would coordinate something like this without the use of technology!

Upon my arrival there were photos of Chris and Grace (his fiancé to be) posted on the wall leading down to the beach. It make me super feel warm and fuzzy to see so many happy moments and memories that they shared together. I really wanted to stop to look at all the fun photos, but I wasn’t sure how much time I would have before Grace made her grand entrance! I needed to hide and fast! Luckily as I rounded the corner, I was greeted by other family members who were also trying to hide! I was a really funny sight to see so many people try to stay out of sight. I was hoping that Chris had a good distraction technique so she wouldn’t see us!

When they arrived Chris took her down the path lined with photos. She was happily laughing at every photo, point and saying “I remember this! We had so much fun!” When they got to the last photo he lead her to letters in the sand that spelled “Marry Me” and got down on one knee! Her eyes lit up, she had the biggest smile on her face, and said “YES!” Everyone laughed, cheered, and shared in this special occasion! Also, since this was a local style proposal everyone had a potluck on the beach to celebrate! Engagement and party! Truly, there is no better way to celebrate than surrounded by friends and family!

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