The Gratitude Project: Building a Healthy Relationship. Part II

The Gratitude Project: Building a Healthy Relationship. Part II

By, Tabitha Miki Floral Designer for Jolene Kaneshige Photography

Expanding on our post from last week.  We talked about the Gratitude Project and what is the true test of love!

Let’s back track a bit.  What are the reasons that people get hurt?

Miscommunication, feelings of abandonment, or being underappreciated and then contemplated what we could do to fix them, and combat them. I thought about when I am feeling sad or upset, a few times I reached out to friends, not to complain of my circumstances, but instead to bring them cheer and just to say I appreciate them. It may not have fixed the problem I was having at that point; but my point of view changed. I began being grateful for the things I did have and I was able to put myself in another person’s shoes and look at things from their eyes. It is that type of attitude that allows more openness and for situations to be resolved.

Then it came to me, a little exercise to do with that someone special when issues arise. Write down 10 things about that person, without repeating items, that you are grateful for. Whether it be their sense of humor, their thoughtfulness, or the way they hug you; then see if you can still be mad. It’s a way to NOT focus on WHO is in the right,but rather WHAT is right. I then began to think that this type of gratitude project not only plays out in this arena, but in the very start of the journey to marriage! In fact, can you imagine building a relationship on an attitude of gratitude? What if there was a path of single roses with hand written reasons the person was grateful for their loved one, tied onto each rose with a ribbon, leading up to the area where the proposal will take place? Maybe their family hiding out nearby to surprise them to show them their support to help “raise” a healthy relationship!!! It would be absolutely divine! There are so many ways to incorporate little notes and expressions of gratitude into daily life with your special someone as well as into that romantic, destination proposal!

Building your relationship on love, trust, and gratitude; working on putting someone else first over yourself! The ultimate gift!

Have you taken your steps to work towards a healthy, happy journey through life with that special someone and are ready to “pop the question”?  Are you seeking out that perfect professional proposal team to accomplish that vision? Send us a message. Let us help you tell your love story!


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