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The Surprise Engagement Survival Kit for Hawaii

The Surprise Engagement Survival Kit for Hawaii Jolene Kaneshige PhotographyOh the internet, the place where you can spend countless hours of downtime surfing and being somewhat productive by satisfying the mind’s interest or the heart’s desire. Once upon such a journey; I saw this really cool thing on my pinterest called the “Engagement Survival Kit!”

Now, before you start googling and jump on pinterest most of these “Engagement Survival Kits,” were more wedding oriented. So, this got me thinking… How would a “Surprise Engagement Survival Kit” or a “Wedding Proposal Survival Kit” differ from the rest? After all, you would be planning such a wedding proposal or a surprise engagement in Honolulu, Hawaii!

Well for one… leave your shoes at home (or in the hotel) and find some comfy flip flops. Better yet, go without shoes at all!

Next, sunscreen if you are planning to be out all day, a bottle of water to stay hydrated and to keep your throat well lubricated and ready to say the magic words “Will you Marry me?”

Feeling nervous? Pacing can relieve some anxiety, but might not be possible without looking a little awkward. Add breath mints, gum, or essential oils (to help ease nervousness and tension) to your kit.

If you are planning a little romance spend some time relaxing at the beach remember that you are on vacation! Take it real slow and bring a beach mat, blanket, or towel to sit on and really enjoy the feeling of the sand in between your toes. Add your favorite snacks to enjoy because you really can’t go wrong with a little chocolate, cookies, or a snickers bar. Even better, stash a bottle of champagne, beer, soda (or your beverage of choice) and fancy glasses in your backpack or cooler.

The latest addition, that is all the rage, is ordering a photo book ahead of time or print photos of you both together. Take into consideration all the things that they would get emotionally sappy over and reminisce about all the fun times spent together, trust me the love of your life will be smitten!

Need more ideas?  Send me a message!  I will be happy to make suggestions or help you plan your Surprise Engagement or Proposal Kit for Hawaii!

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