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Travel Adventures. Part I

Travel Adventures. Part I Jolene Kaneshige PhotographyDuring the holidays most people would be flocking to Hawaii! Who wouldn’t? People all over the world come here to get married and sit on a beach or in a hammock to escape the freezing cold weather. We have 70-80 degree temperatures, warmth, the beach, and sunlight all year round. Not to mention those amazing Hawaiian sunrises and sunsets! In my mind, I imagine it to be the island of endless summer weddings.

However, in my case for the past few years I have been flying North for the winter to spend the holidays with my partner’s family in Upstate New York. This year I am also photographing a wedding in Chicago so I’m very excited about that!  We are hoping for a white wedding!  This makes for great travel adventures, photography escapades, and new experiences for a Hawaii girl like myself. One of my main drives to be a photographer is based on travel. I can’t imagine being stuck in the same place and God forbid I ever leave Hawaii! I need to be out in the world exploring and feeding my wanderlust. Although right now it’s 30 degrees and snowing outside of my window so I sure am missing the warmth of the Hawaiian sun.

This makes for interesting new experiences such as: being in weather below freezing, fireflies, squirrels, snakes, and poison oak/ivy! Oh my! If in doubt I really can’t touch anything.

Thinking about and being in this snowy freezing weather makes shiver, Brrrrr!!!! You might be thinking… that’s not so bad… but, for someone like myself, when we say it’s cold in Hawaii that means put on a light jacket to go with your shorts. Someone had to explain the layering thing to me, then having the foresight and wish of not wanting to be cold I went hunting ahead of time for some wintry gear.

To be continued…