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Travel Adventures. Part II

Travel Adventures. Part II Jolene Kaneshige PhotographyLucky for me costco had some sales on thermal clothing so I did some shopping! Although after being in the cold, it doesn’t seem like 5 layers of clothing is enough. I was so bundled up the other day and my face felt like it was sooo frozen!

On the bright side the ability to explore and being in a new place has a new type of magic. I can’t get over how cool fireflies are! I spent the better part a few evenings trying to catch them in a jar. We don’t have these creatures in Hawaii, so it was an incredibly novel experience to chase them with nets. At one point I started thinking, is this what it’s like to be 5 years old again?

Then there are squirrels, lots of them! I feel like the dog from the Pixar animated film “Up,” everytime I see one. They are such agile ninjas! The bird feeders really don’t stand a chance. They jump from the roof, slide down the wire, tip over the bird feeder, and jump down. I think the closest thing we have to squirrels in Hawaii are Mongoose.

Also, Snakes in the backyard! What? You can even have pet snakes in the house. Although if you think snakes in the house is an issue outside there is Poison Oak and Ivy! I really can’t touch anything, but there is no greater feeling than waking up to snow falling outside my window then singing “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas.”

Snow has given me an appreciation for the warm Hawaiian sun, the ability to really enjoy hot cocoa/coffee and the novel experience of sitting next to a fireplace (since we don’t have fireplaces in Hawaii. Never needed one).

It’s great to be out adventuring, knowing that I will be back to Hawaii next year with a fresh perspective, ready to keep that shutter clicking! I can’t wait to help plan your family portrait session, surprise engagement, or destination wedding. Happy holidays!