Wedding Registries and Monetary Gifts

Gift registries are a great way for couples to get what they need for their new life together.  Many companies will have registry services for couples to go and plan out what they would like others to buy for them as gifts.  From couches to blenders, utensils to lampshades, there’s pretty much an endless selection and it all depends on where your registries are.

In the invitation you will probably be letting people know which stores have your registries and each company keeps track of what people buy and cross them off your list for you.

I would like to share a story of one particular husband and wife who had a different goal entirely:

My husband and I had a very different approach than most couples.  We didn’t want a lot of THINGS, we wanted a HOME.  So in the invitations we simply asked by saying:

“We would like you to be part of our dream of owning our first home.

More than blenders or utensils, we would like a monetary gift that will go toward our down payment.

Your generosity will be with us forever, as the roof over our heads and the place that will be our home”

We ended up with over $10,000 in wedding gifts from friends and family members, which helped us buy our first apartment and pay for our honeymoon.

In addition to being monetarily advantageous, it made it very easy for our guests.  Whether cash or check, they didn’t have to run to a store, fret over what to buy, or wondering if they could afford the gift.  Each gave what they felt comfortable with, and simply had to get a card to put it in.

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