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We’ve taken portraits, now what can we do with them? Part II

We’ve taken portraits, now what can we do with them? Part II Jolene Kaneshige PhotographyLast week we discussed a few tips to display your fabulous Surprise Engagement Proposal, Destination Wedding, or Family portraits. Here are a few more ideas and pro tips to help you survive the holiday season!

  • Swag – Through various websites such as vistaprint, cafepress, shutterfly, and zazzle, it’s a super easy, enjoyable, and a creative way to get everything your heart desires printed into a tangible product! Think t-shirts, cups, mouse pads, oh my! The list goes on and on, in fact…is endless! If you can think it and dream it, you can bet your lucky socks that its on the internet!

Pro Tip: Always make sure to set a budget. I always tend to get sucked in and carried away! I want it! I want it all! I found a helpful app on my phone called “Smart Receipts” to keep track of all my holiday spending.

  • Turn your instagram or facebook feed into a photobook! If you are into mass producing gifts like I am, look no further! One year I made calendars and another year I made photo books for everyone! It was such a huge hit! Now a days you can use your Facebook or instagram feed to generate an album for you!

Pro Tip: Plan ahead. Plan your personalized Christmas swag ahead of time so that you can order it on black friday or cyber monday for the best deals on the internet! The best thing to do is have everything pre-designed and ready to go in your cart. When that sale rolls around, and it will! You will be ready and waiting to press the magic “go,” button on it! However, if you can’t wait around for sales and you need it “NOW!” don’t stress. While I do enjoy ordering from professional print shops it’s not always an available option. For something fast and stress-free, submit photos online to a nearby grocery store such as Walgreens, Longs, or Costco. Most of these places offer a 1 hour photo service or same day pick. *whew!* I know this has saved me many times in the past!

Christmas might seem overwhelming and hopefully with these tips you will feel a bit more prepared on how to tackle the holidays! If all else fails, think WWSCD? Aka “What would Santa Clause do?” Make a list, check it twice, remember the milk and cookies, put a silly Christmas hat on, and add your spin on it by getting those holiday cards printed. It really is a inexpensive way to bring holiday cheer and make someone smile.

If you have any questions or need help planning your surprise engagement proposal, destination wedding, or family portrait session.  Send me a message! We would love to hear from you!

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