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Best Tips: Plan the perfect holiday photoshoot. Part II

Best Tips: Plan the perfect holiday photoshoot. Part II Jolene Kaneshige PhotographyWhat are the best tips to planning the perfect holiday photo session?

Continuing our journey from last week of “What are the best tips to planning the perfect holiday photo session?” Whether you are “popping the big question,” for a surprise engagement proposal, saying “I do,” at a beach for a romantic destination wedding escape, or having a family reunion for family portraits, in Hawaii; think – timing.

Do you have small children?

If “No” small children. If you do not have small children and have a limited schedule, early mornings and sunset are the most popular photo sessions to schedule for the best lighting conditions. The benefits of an early morning shoot are: a beautiful Hawaiian sunrise is second to none! There really is nothing like it and it can be much more beautiful than a sunset. There are less people are out and about, and the temperature is much more comfortable than an afternoon photo session. You also have the rest of your day ahead of you for other activities, making this the most effective use of your limited time in the islands.

However, if you have a flexible schedule and are NOT a morning person. Don’t worry! Afternoon photo sessions and/or a Hawaiian sunset can be absolutely gorgeous! I myself am not a morning song bird! I will not be waking up all chirpy, bright eyed, and bushy-tailed in the mornings. No no no! Do not talk to me before my morning cup of coffee if you want live… You will definitely lose an eye or an ear because I will not have it! I might also speak cat and “Merow!” until I have had a “proper” amount of caffeine in my system. Not to say that I’m against shooting a beautiful and astounding sunrise surprise engagement proposal, destination wedding, of fabulous family portraits, in which case I wouldn’t sleep and I would be fine! You have to be a special kinda crazy to be a photographer. It’s in our job description to be a little odd and entertaining. I like to say its “being an artist,” but I digress.

More great tips in the next blog! Contact us if you have any questions!

To be continued…