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Best Tips: Plan the perfect holiday photoshoot. Part III

Best Tips: Plan the perfect holiday photoshoot. Part III Jolene Kaneshige PhotographyWhat are the best tips to planning the perfect holiday photo session?

Last week we discussed timing – scheduling your Surprise Engagement Proposal, Destination Wedding, or Family Portrait session in Hawaii, around your busy day! Whether you are aiming for a sunrise, sunset, or the middle of the day to take full advantage of the Hawaiian sun, here are a few more of my favorite tips for planning the perfect holiday portrait session!

Para the last post.

The pros of having a photo session at the end of your day are being able to plan everything around it to get that alluring Hawaiian sunset. It’s amazing to wake up when you are done sleeping, eat a nice lunch, enjoy the beach or other fun activities, then get ready to go!

Pro Tip: You get extra points for make plans for after the photo shoot! Treat yourself, your partner, and/or family to a nice dinner. After all you are on vacation!

The cons: You are competing with everyone else for that prime spot on the beach and you WILL most likely have other people in your shots if you are at a popular well known beach.

Pro Tip: Your photographer will do the best they can to get the least amount of people in your photos. We like to use clever blocking techniques and fancy light magic. (I will spare you the technical jargon, but that’s the way I like to describe it because part of me wants to be a magician.)

Other cons: When the sun goes down that’s it! It’s time to pack up and go home! While our eyes are amazing at seeing in the dark, technology hasn’t quite caught up to us yet. When the sun has set and available light is gone, it’s very difficult to focus the camera and get the romantic and wispy shots that you see on pinterest. The night sky has a very different look and mood for photos. Think black background, hard lights, and lots of shadows. If the subjects in the photos are wearing darker colors they turn into floating heads, which is great for Halloween! Yey! Floating heads my favorite thing!

Pro Tip: Arrive on time for your portrait session to avoid “floating head syndrome.”  Sadly, the Sun doesn’t wait for anyone.

More great things in the next blog!  Contact us if you have any questions!