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Why hire a Professional Surprise Engagement Proposal Photographer in Hawaii?

Why hire a Professional Surprise Engagement Proposal Photographer in Hawaii? Jolene Kaneshige PhotographyCapturing a proposal is such an important prelude to the BIG wedding day! Also it’s arguably the the biggest, nerve wracking, most heart pounding moment, of your life, filled with a wild plethora of emotions. Hiring a professional photographer means that you can be in and enjoy the moment rather than worry about capturing the moment on your cell phone or camera.

Having a partner in crime makes all the difference in the world! A proposal tells the story of your relationship there is a lot involved with planning a surprise proposal in Hawaii. You may not know the lay of the land or the best time of day, or location to propose, but having a partner or co-conspirer will help so you are free to focus on using your creativity energy to personalize the experience between you and your partner.

Photos tell a story that will be retold to friends, family, and strangers again and again. Sharing your moment, your partner’s expression, and the excitement you are feeling is worth more than a thousand words. According to the Knot’s 2017 Jewelry and Engagement studyCouples want to preserve their proposal moment through photos, and 47% report coordinating a photographer or videographer to capture the moment.” Not to mention, that moment when you when you propose on one knee and say the words “Will you marry me?” is totally in style. So, Don’t be shy, go for it!

After the surprise you can take engagement photos right then and there. It might seem a little overwhelming at first. Everything happen so quickly! Just think, you can use these photos to make public announcements on social media, save the date stationary, and/or print them for the wedding. You can also keep all the details to yourself and share them with a select few.

Your partner will thank you later for all the work you put into commemorating this special trip to Hawaii. It’s defiantly one of the most memorable and sweetest things you can do.


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