A Day With Classic Limos

A Day With Classic Limos

Reflections on a photoshoot with Classic Limos
By, Tabitha Miki Floral Designer for Jolene Kaneshige Photography

Imagine exiting your hotel with the love of your life, and a shiny, white 1927 Packard pulls up to greet you! Then the elegantly dressed driver steps out to open your door for you! What a grand way to step through time and make an entrance! That is what Classic Limos provides, that breath taking, classy, royal entrance to your event; utilizing vintage limousines in both Hawaii and California. Their cars have been used to transport television stars, VIPs, directors, music moguls, and movie stars, and the like!

Their staff is courteous and just a pleasure to work with! Dan Walters of classic limos is a true gentlemen and incredibly knowledgeable about the history of all the classic cars! It is incredibly fascinating to listen to the history of the cars and learn about its mechanics! These cars are operating legends that are a work of art! Most people may not see a car and think of it as artistry, but as an artist, I beg to differ! It is a medium outside my immediate expertise, but I can recognize artistry when I see it! So being able to work with a company that has acquired working pieces of art fits my job description to a “T!” So you can imagine that I was excited to have an opportunity to work with Classic Limos.

The Media Director and I did some scheming prior to the photoshoot. She planned all the technical logistics while I had a vision of red rose petals covering the walkway leading up to the double doors of the 1927 Packard! Dreaming big, crafting ideas, helping others make their vision possible, and reaching the stars is what we do best! It’s a crazy craft, but hey, we love what we do and wouldn’t have it any other way!

In the last post we talked about scheming over our photoshoot with Classic Limos! This past week, my dream came true! I feel so glowy writing about it! Being an avid car lover, I was fortunate enough have an opportunity to see the 1927 Packard Limousine!

On the day of the shoot our Media Director busily squirreled about the Packard to get those enticing angles to showcase this charming classic beauty. While I made sure that I found a way to incorporate some type of floral aspect that would complement the car into the shoot!

“Rolling out the red carpet”
It gave me goosebumps seeing the red rose petals cover the walkway leading to the double doors of the 1927 Packard! I felt like I had stepped through time and was of royal or noble birth upon entering the limousine! It was an experience I will never forget for as long as I live! If I felt this way being in that dream of a car, how would a couple on their way to starting a new journey in life feel?

I was so excited! There were so many ideas flooding into my head of how to incorporate this car into our Surprise Proposal Packages! I was extremely giddy and could hardly contain myself! This elegant, stylish Packard was an inspiration for so many options for our Surprise Destination Proposal Packages in Hawaii! I could hardly wait to get back to the office to do more scheming with our photographer!

Unfortunately, I cannot give away all our secrets; but I hope this blog inspired you to dream up that perfect destination proposal! I hope you are able to incorporate this vintage gem in your big proposal day as well so you too may be able to experience that jolt of pure bliss as I did!

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