Jolene Kaneshige Photography specializes in surprise destination proposals and destination wedding photography on the beautiful Hawaiian shores of Oahu. My team comprises event planners, floral designers, photographers, and videographers. We are excited to custom create everything from a simple romantic scene to a lavish picnic spread to help you set up the perfect moment to pop the question or get married in Paradise!

Living in Honolulu, Hawaii, our team had humble beginnings in the wedding industry. Each of us started out apprenticing for established companies.  Would you believe we started that journey way back in 2005? That’s quite a while and I can’t believe how quickly time has gone by! Since then, we have been refining our skills to perfect our craft.

We are fortunate to have had the honor of documenting some of the most memorable moments. These are truly the things of legends and storybooks brought to life. One of our favorite memories is planning a Surprise Engagement Proposal with a giant Marry Me sign spanning 42 feet across the beach. We are so inspired by the creativity of our clients and the abilities of my team to make the impossible possible.

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