Behind the Scenes: The Look Book Photo Shoot

Behind the Scenes: The Look Book Photo Shoot

Reflections on a photo shoot for our “Look Book”
By, Tabitha Miki Floral Designer for Jolene Kaneshige Photography

It had been quite a crazy day for me personally, to put things mildly. (I won’t go into any of the insane details, but trust me, it was crazy.) I felt the rush of adrenaline just pounding through my veins shooting a burst of much needed energy through me! I was determined to be on top of my game no matter what! Despite the hectic day, the proposal photoshoot went very well! As our Media Director and I headed back to the office, we looked back and reflected on the photoshoot, discussing what could have gone better, what we need to do, but she also commented how no one will realize exactly how many people it takes to put on one of these events!

It is an entire team of specialists in their own fields all for 2 people! How lavish and absolutely luxurious can you get? Then the magic words were spoken, “this would make a great article.” I couldn’t resist! I jumped at it, and here I am reflecting on the exciting events of the shoot with you, our loyal readers!

Let’s rewind the clock and go back to the beginning. As I arrived on site our set up/clean up crew worked together quickly to unload all the important items into the wagon and off we raced against the time to begin setting up! This is the first group involved in making our Famous and Fabulous Proposals Surprise version of “movie magic!” It’s always amazing, to me, how quickly things get set up with the team!

Our experienced team worked their magic on the venue, skillfully transforming our little picnic area into a lavish picnic set up for 2! I surveyed each set up checking for anything that needed adjusting or fixing, checking the linens and florals from my department were in pristine condition, and then proudly checking things off my list!

There is a team of people at work to produce a romantic scene for 2. My part is just a small piece of the magic that takes place. As I happily retreated to the side. I was absolutely proud of our scene! It was magnificent! Spoiler Alert! The palm trees swaying in the wind, the beach blankets on the sand, pillows make everything cozy, and florals add a splash of color. (I dare not reveal too much of our little gem, to ruin the wonderful surprise!)

Our media team took over for the next stage for the proposal itself! They hid slightly out of sight of the couple walking on the beach and worked on coordinating with one another as if they were ninjas on a mission, choreographing their movements during the event, as if it were a graceful dance! Each person’s movements complimenting the other to produce the best media products and services! It was mind blowing to watch them work! I am always so eager to see all the media team’s final products! It is that semi-tangible product that captures each of the special moments of an event!

Finally, our set up/clean up crew break down the picnic scene once the event is finished and transport all of the picnic set up items back to our driver! Another successful event comes to a close! Each department working harmoniously to create this luxurious moment for the couple to live their perfect romantic “movie like” scene!

It is quite an honor to be a part of an event like this, but it isn’t something thrown together! It is carefully crafted by a team with love to set the tone for such an exciting event!

Are you looking to create that perfect romantic proposal scene in Hawaii? Need some help crafting that perfect Surprise Destination Proposal moment in Hawaii? Send us a message!  We would love to help you create your love story!


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