Venue Showcase: Turtle Bay Resort, Turtle Bay Beach

Venue Showcase: Turtle Bay Resort, Turtle Bay Beach

By, Tabitha Miki Floral Designer

Aloha! It has been quite a while since our last venue showcase here on Oahu. The wonderful photos above are from a Couples Portrait session at Turtle Bay!  Greig and Hannah were recently engaged and wanted to create beautiful memories on our Hawaiian shores.  They scheduled a late afternoon session with Jolene, our ninja photographer, and had a blast!  She did an amazing job capturing their romantic adventure with breath taking views of the coast and intimate moments shared between them.

Turtle Bay is a dreamy place even for us locals.  Its full of magic, untouched sands, screams adventure, and feels like you are on a different island. Feeling inspired, I felt it was definitely time to do some scouting of my own! I packed my bags and headed out with my favorite scouting partner, my amazing boyfriend, for a stay-cation at Turtle Bay Resort!

Situated in Kahuku, the Turtle Bay Resort is a 4 Star resort near Turtle Bay Beach, Sunset Beach,Turtle Bay Faizo Course, and Turtle Bay Palmer Course. The Turtle Bay Beach, named for the honu or turtle that can be occasionally spotted on the golden shores of this quiet beach, is adjacent to the resort with free public parking as well as separate parking for the resort.

As we pulled up to the resort, I was nervous. It had been quite a while since I have had a stay-cation there and I was not sure what to expect! I was in for a pleasant surprise! The hotel had undergone some renovations, the lobby was open and very welcoming, with large glass picture windows overlooking gorgeous views of the beach! It was everything I wanted to be greeted with;making this a great start to our stay-cation!!

After we checked in and dropped off our bags, we decided to go for a walk and explore the resort. We found several nice dining options in the resort: Kula Grille, Roy’s Beach House, Paakai, Lei Leis, The Point, The Lobby Lounge, and Surfer-The Bar. There was also a gift shop, the pool, as well as many other neat little features! It definitely is a resort that wants you to take full advantage of your stay in Hawaii!

We saved the best for last and my favorite, a walk around sunset on the beach with my boyfriend! We definitely took advantage of the stretch of golden soft sand, cool crisp waters, and the spectacular sunset!! It definitely was a picture perfect moment! It was a culmination of everything;very romantic, laid back and just a time for the two of us to share. In that moment, it felt like he bought me the world and I wanted to stay there forever!

However, you, our readers are constantly in my mind and I couldn’t help but get excited thinking about surprise proposals that would be perfect here! The sand is very soft, there are multiple areas that we could set up a picnic or romantic set up for a proposal! The beach is easily accessible, there are lots of areas that are a little more covered with shrubs or trees that could serve as a more romantic and secluded beach getaway as well. Just think, the occasional honu or sea turtle sighting, breathtaking sunsets, the beach itself; these are all the ingredients that really could create that perfect beach proposal!! But why stop at proposals? It would make an amazing beach wedding shot as well!!

Picture this, a stunning bride and groom gazing into each other’s eyes while the golden, Hawaiian sun dips into the azure sea. The couple’s arms in a loving embrace, and IF you are lucky, a faint outline of a sea turtle poking its head up from the waters complete the shot! Perfect right?!

As these thoughts raced through my head, I became lost in the moment! I hardly noticed the sun was almost completely set! I looked up and enjoyed the last few warm rays of the golden sun before it bid us goodnight and hugged my boyfriend and told him he was the best!!

Our stay-cation seemed to race by! The next morning, it was already time to pack up and head back into town. I wanted to stay longer, but more exciting set ups, blogs, and more amazing scheming with our photographer was still waiting for us! So I quickly packed up and bid the great staff at the resort a deep and sincere mahalo or thank you for their gracious hospitality and proceeded to depart. Although it was only one night, it was definitely worth it! It was a great scouting trip and it showed us a new gem here on our home island! My only regret is that I didn’t take more photos of myself with my boyfriend at all the places we stopped at! I was definitely too caught up in the moment and too busy taking notes and scouting the area! (I also prefer to be working in the background versus in front)!

It was such a relief that not long after our stay-cation, our photographer told me that she had the privilege of photographing a couple at Turtle Bay Beach. So I hope you enjoy the gallery of this sweet couple helping us showcase the beautiful Turtle Bay Beach! Are you planning to pop the question? Tie the knot? Need help with planning a proposal or destination wedding photography? Contact us! We would love to tell your story!!


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