Day at Alii Kula Lavender Farms, Maui

Day at Alii Kula Lavender Farms, Maui

Reflections on proposal spots on the farm
By, Tabitha Miki Floral Designer for Jolene Kaneshige Photography

Typically when you think of the Hawaiian Islands, you dream of blue skies, beautiful beaches, and gentle trade winds; but up in Kula on the island of Maui lays a hidden gem: Alii Kula Lavender Farms. Started in 2001 by Alii Chang, this farm grows 45 different varieties of lavender on their 13.5 acre farm as well as protea, hydrangeas, olive trees, agapanthus, amaryllis, as well as many other flowers,plants, and trees. There are also special treats around the grounds of the farm; little gazebos, trellises, and secret gardens that transforms the grounds into a charming and romantic oasis; making it the perfect destination for a surprise proposal!

I recently visited the lavender farms and was extremely thrilled with all the spots that cater to a proposal! The first place that immediately drew me in was the first gazebo overlooking the main lavender fields! The view from the gazebo was breathtaking! The mountains and the azure blue oceans called to me and I could also see the gentle mists rolling over the mountains over the fields giving the property a romantic, mysterious feel. I could almost feel the lore of the islands singing their tales of love over the land sweeping you off of your feet and inspiring proposals that would be fit for a queen!

However, the possibilities don’t end there! The gazebo is not the only attraction in the main lavender field. Not far from the first gazebo, there was a little trellis on a platform with Chinese stone dragons standing guard at the platform. Standing on the platform, I felt like a Princess! I could imagine a perfect proposal right there on the platform beneath the trellis overlooking the gentle slopes covered in soft lavender and silvery greens!! This spot is nothing short of gorgeous!

Love the idea of a gazebo, but desiring a little more privacy? No problem! There was another gazebo nestled on the property with breathtaking views of the majestic mountains and the serene coastline! The gazebo is also surrounded by tropical bird of paradise flowers! (Which just happens to be the mascot for Jolene Kaneshige Photography, somethings are just meant to be!) It is exactly what I would think of that would serve as the perfect flower accompaniment to lavender on a Hawaiian Island Lavender Farm!

Want a simple trellis but maybe something a little more private than being in the main field? As you walk toward the garden area there was a sweet little trellis with rich indigo colored agapanthus and bright, elegant, yet cheerful amaryllis next to it! If the lavender hasn’t calmed your nerves yet, there was also a bench to rest on before “popping the question,” to ease your nerves!

Still desire more privacy? Tucked behind that trellis is a path that leads to THE most charming secret garden! There are two benches, one at the end of the path and the other facing it on a platform that is hidden from the public eye! There are so many different things you can do just in this one spot! A private secret garden picnic, or a private serenade, just to name a few ideas dreamed up that could become reality! Need help planning? Allow us to take care of all the details for your secret garden proposal!

These areas were not the only areas that would be perfect for a proposal, the grounds are covered with little charming nooks and hideaways! These were just a few! The lavender farm is truly a hidden gem on Maui and a perfect place for a surprise, destination proposal! Contact us for more information on planning your destination proposal. We are the proposal experts and would love to tell your story! For more information on visiting the lavender farm itself visit Alii Kula Lavender.


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