Hawaii Surprise Engagements: Frequently Asked Questions

Hawaii Surprise Engagements: Frequently Asked Questions

As a surprise engagement destination proposal and wedding photographer on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, I want to give you as many tools and resources as possible to make your surprise wedding proposal memorable, successful, and as stress free as possible!

This week we are addressing the topic of Surprise Engagement and Proposal Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a question that is not listed below please send us a message!

Surprise Engagement and Proposal Frequently Asked Questions Part II:

Will you help me set up the perfect romantic scene?

Definitely! Whether its a bottle of champagne, a circle of heart shaped flowers in the sand, or a flower bouquet, I would love to work with you on making your vision a reality! Please note: other costs do apply.

How will we communicate?

Via phone, email, or text message. Send us an email with your proposal time/date and let’s get the planning process started. I enjoy having short phone conversations and following up through email. On the day of the surprise wedding proposal I like to use text messages to discreetly coordinate.

Do I need to make a deposit?

Yes, to reserve the date/time for your surprise engagement session I require a $50 deposit via Paypal or Square. My availability tends to fill up quickly, please take care of this as soon as possible.

When will you arrive on site?

As a rule of thumb, I like to arrive between 15-30 minutes before you do. So if our scheduled time to meet is 6pm. I will be there by 5:30-5:45pm.

About where will we meet?

While we are coordinating I will send you a map and description of the location via email. Also, on the day of the surprise engagement I will send you a pin drop and photos of what the location looks like.

How will you find us when we get there?

Send me a selfie and a description of what you both are wearing.
Text me when you arrive.

What do you look like?

I am Asian with a red highlights/ombre and dressed casually.

Will you hide and be a ninja?

Yes, hiding in plain sight is what I do! I enjoy the special ops feel and excitement of surprise engagements. The key is to keep her full attention so your spouse-to-be won’t see me until after saying “Yes!” Also, please read “Tips to Planning a Surprise Engagement in Hawaii.”

Do I need to get on 1 knee?

For the best and most memorable photos – YES absolutely x 100 to the moon and back! Take a knee! It’s so worth it!

Which photo package is right for me?

Packages can be found here!

When will I receive my photos?

I know that you want to make your announcement as soon as possible! I will be sending out your images in 24-48 hours via an email download link.

If you have any questions please send us a message!


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