Impromptu Proposal Style Picnic

Impromptu Proposal Style Picnic

Reflections by, Tabitha Miki Head Floral Designer for Jolene Kaneshige Photography

It was a beautiful, sunny day here on the east side of Oahu! The trade winds lightly danced through the palm trees, birds were singing their sweet songs, the waves gently kissed the sandy shoreline, and the day seemed to scream it was perfect for a picnic! I looked over at my partner and asked if he wouldn’t mind going on a picnic. He looked up and nodded, oh the poor man, he had no idea I would end up turning it into a fun work day!

I jumped up and gave him the biggest hug, and quickly went to work packing up things for our impromptu picnic! I really wanted to make it elaborate and incredibly detailed, but a picnic on a whim would take more time to prepare. I decided it would be more enjoyable to use the background for our most elaborate package, but scale it down to include the items of our most basic package: picnic blanket, a decorative pillow to lean up against, picnic basket filled with plates, flatware, cups, snacks, bottled water, and sparkling cider. The end result was nothing short of luxurious, yet budget and time friendly!

We headed out to pick up lunch from our favorite sandwich shop on the way to the beach. After we picked up our lunch we made our way to the beach happily chatting away during the drive. Once we got to the beach, we packed the lunch into our picnic basket and proceeded to unload the car. We walked along the beautiful beach, but I walked at a faster pace determined to get our setup complete, I was a woman on a mission!

However, I did take time to glance back at the wonderful, patient man who agreed to all this madness in the first place! I wanted to set that romantic tone, even though we were walking very briskly to set up our impromptu picnic. It is definitely a lot more difficult to plan, set up, and set the mood for these picnics. I can only imagine what  everyone must go through when they plan their proposals! They want everything to go picture perfect, and those nervous heart beats don’t help at all! It is definitely easier having someone set up for you, help you plan and make sure that everything is running smoothly! (I promise this is not an intentional plug for Jolene Kaneshige Photography). It simply made me see that what Jolene Kaneshige Photography does has incredible value, but I digress.

Once we got to the site we quickly worked together to set up the picnic together! It was actually really fun being able to work with him on setting it up together! He immediately dove in and started opening the bag, helping me unpack the picnic blanket and pillows, spreading the blanket out and helping me arrange the pillows. He moved our personal items out of the way for the perfect shot, and helped me arrange the picnic props, picnic basket, and helped straighten everything out nicely. He took out his camera and we both proceeded to take photos of the picnic set up. It was perfect!

Now, we could enjoy the fruits of our labor! We sat together and unpacked our picnic lunch, snacks, and enjoyed our delicious lunch overlooking the romantic, Hawaiian shores! The ocean waves lapped against the sandy shores, the view was spectacular! It truly was a picnic in paradise and the best part was that I was sharing it with someone special! I sat there realizing how amazing it must feel to walk along this picture perfect scene and “happen,” upon this picnic set up and really be able to enjoy it all! After being able to “test” it for myself, I see how amazing it all is! Planning to pop the question? Need help? Contact us, We are the proposal experts!


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