It’s All in the Details!

It’s All in the Details!

By, Tabitha Miki Floral Designer for Jolene Kaneshige Photography

Ok guys, this one’s for you! At some point in our lives we hear the saying, ”It’s all in the details,” and it really it is. Why, you ask? Simple, it’s that extra mile you have gone to create something special for someone else.  For example: that extra time the team worked on the play to perfect their game, or that extra torque you have with a muscle car that screams at everyone else, “I’m impressive;” but I digress. So why not pay attention to the details in creating one of the most important scenes in you and your significant other’s lives?! Yes, I’m talking about “Popping the question!” “Taking a knee,” “Confessing your love,” etc… I think you got it!

Planning a destination surprise proposal in Hawaii and setting the scene should be an example of both your aesthetic styles from something as simple as: photos of special events you both attended arranged around the tables with rose petals leading to the location, to a lavish dinner for two at a five star restaurant complete with a bouquet of her favorite flowers, a succulent dinner that is beautifully plated with food you both enjoy! Maybe it’s re-creating your first date down to the music you listened to in the car to set the mood. It could also simply be adding in little details to your picnic basket like linen napkins instead of disposable napkins, adding pretty napkin rings onto the linen napkins, using glass stemware instead of disposable cups, even if it is adding props like books you both enjoy next to a picnic basket; changes the entire feel of the event! It also really works in tandem to everything that is being pieced together to create a polished and special look!

One example of attention to detail that we provide at Paradise Proposals are the floral ice cubes we offer.  They are ice cubes with rose petals frozen inside of them which covers the bottle of chilled cider.

Details, details, details! We love them! They add so much romance and flare to complete the romantic dynamic of your surprise engagement wedding proposal in Hawaii. Each ice cube contains a single rosebud that complement the color theme of the package! It is extremely pretty and such a lavish touch to the setup!

Giving her a taste of a possible look for the wedding by creating a luxurious, romantic dinner for two? Have a stationary company print a dinner menu card to add to the place settings,or why not add a fancy table cloth that is her favorite color instead of a plain white one, complete with complementing napkins, and dinnerware. What about asking your florist to create a centerpiece and matching garland to put on the back of the chairs to complement the look? Show her you not only want her to be yours forever, but you will be there to plan with her and be there for her as a wonderful partner in the planning of the wedding!

Another simple idea is having a little box wrapped with photos of the both of you containing a favorite candy or treat inside to serve as a “favor” on the table. Inserting items of importance to you both in a meaningful and creative way is simple, elegant, and fun! It’s these “little” details that are, in my opinion, an important part in creating that “perfect proposal.” You may not think it makes a difference looking at a photo of a setup, but experiencing it as a magical and memorable moment is something unforgettable. It’s all the little details of the moment that her mind will constantly replay to her friends and family as she retells the story of how you proposed! So make it amazing! Take a moment to not only see the big picture, but take some time to perfect the little things! After all, “It’s all in the details”!


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