Kapalua, Maui

Kapalua, Maui

Reflections on a day in Kapalua
By, Tabitha Miki Floral Designer for Jolene Kaneshige Photography

Aloha! Its nice to get away from Oahu every now and again.  Today’s venue scouting reflections will take you to the island of Maui’s beautiful west side, Kapalua. Filled with several charming hotels all the way up to couture resorts, shops, and a golf course; it also boasts some of the most amazing sunsets! The Kapalua trail past the Montage Resort has a beautiful view of the beach. The stark yet romantic cliffs will transport you to a scene from a classic romantic movie! It is perfect for a surprise, destination engagement! Plus, after the proposal, a quiet, romantic dinner for two at Merriman’s would be the the perfect end to the evening!

There are several spots from Merriman’s and all the way to Hawena point, the point itself included, that would be the perfect spot to “pop the question”! But before I launch head on to all the gorgeous, possible sites,there are a few things I would advise those planning a surprise proposals in Kapalua: 1). Bring or apply sunscreen, 2). If you plan to go towards Hawena Point, there is a part of the trail where tennis shoes would be a better choice to wear. (With that being said, if you plan to remain on the beach area, slippers are completely suitable). Finally, bring a water bottle if you plan to hike a little further up. The walkway and the trail to Hawena point is a relaxing stroll, but a water bottle is always a good idea, regardless.

The first spot I would recommend is situated right across Merriman’s restaurant. There is a lovely beach right outside the restaurant! The beach itself can be a little crowded during the day, but towards sunset it seems to be less busy, allowing it to still be an attractive spot to propose!

Another spot seems as if it was built just for those of you planning to propose in mind! Stroll a bit further down, past the bay itself, there are two benches that have a perfect view! The benches provide a perfect prop for photos that frame the picturesque setting behind you!

But I couldn’t stop there! I journeyed on, and I was lead past a field and went to the very end to Hawena point! The trail lead off into two separate, secret views of the sea! It was absolutely breathtaking! One side of the trail showed more of the inside of a bay! It felt so special, so secluded! It was a small, cozy, romantic little area that would be perfect for a private, sunset picnic paired with a proposal! The sun gently setting, painting the sky with its gentle, warm golds, pale blues, and warm orange hues serving as an unforgettable backdrop for a lucky couple about to take on one of the greatest adventure together!

But of course I couldn’t be satisfied scouting out one private area! I had to pry myself away from the first area and move on to the second secluded spot on the point. This second area did not disappoint, it showcased another spot of the same bay, but not by any means less stunning or beautiful than the first. In fact, this second part of the point really showed off the cliffs! It too, had more than enough room for a private picnic and would definitely give Social Media a run for its money!

Want to see more photos of this area? Check out our Instagram for more pictures of Kapalua. Which area would fit your dream proposal? Need help deciding and planning? Contact us, we would love to tell your story!


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