Oahu Photo Adventuring: Halona Blowhole & Beach Cove

Oahu Photo Adventuring: Halona Blowhole & Beach Cove

We are back to continue along the Southeast shore of Oahu on our EPIC Photo Adventure!   Next STOP: Halona blowhole, cave, & beach.

Note: Halona is a Hawaiian word which means “lookout.”  (I actually had no idea and was calling it Halona blowhole lookout, but after further research I realized how redundant it was grammatically.  =P)

Halona Blowhole is a majestic natural of Oahu wonder formed thousands of years ago by volcanic eruptions.  Though there are no active volcanoes on Oahu today, these lava tubes are still present and when the ocean is turbulent, especially during winter months, you can watch as its geyser shoots water up to 30 feet through the blowhole!  AKA big waves = massive spouts!  WARNING: I know this goes without saying, but…please do NOT straddle the blowhole.  The ocean is a powerful force in Hawaii and should not be reckoned with.  Also, please do NOT scare the bejezus out of your photographer by tempting fate to catch it all on camera.

Aside from this cool natural wonder, you can enjoy an awe-inspiring view of the ocean and Molokai and Lanai (on a clear day).  During December to April this is also a great place to see humpback whales and green sea turtles.

If you are looking for more adventure, look no further than over the ledge of the lookout.  There is a hidden path leading down to the iconic Halona Beach Cove – “the Peering Place.”  I really love this beach because the unique rock structures, cave, and beautiful seascapes look absolutely gorgeous in photographs.  Its defiantly not for the feint of heart, getting there is an adventure, but its a stunning location for memorable photos.  Note: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End & On Stranger Tides was filmed here!

On one hand you can see it from a distance and after a rocky descent, you can experience it up close.  The best time to visit this beach is during summer months when the ocean is more calm.  Bring protective footwear, water, snacks, and a beach towel!  This location is a MUST even if you stop by for few minutes to snap some quick photos!


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