Oahu Photo Adventuring: Hanauma Bay Trail

Oahu Photo Adventuring: Hanauma Bay Trail

One of my favorite places for Photo Adventuring on Oahu is Hanauma Bay Rim Trail.  AKA.  Hanauma Bay Loop Hike or Koko Head Rim Trail.  Please do NOT confuse this for the Koko head hike.  (I would NOT recommend that one for photo adventuring.  Exercising…yes, photo adventuring…NO!).

Hanauma Bay is a Natural Preserve located on the Eastshore of Oahu.  It a great place to snorkel and learn about all the different types of fish in Hawaii’s ocean.  However, we aren’t here to talk about the bay, rather we are here to talk about the journey to a really cool spot just above it which has fantastical views and an EPIC sunset!

As para past blog posts, a sight seeing photo adventure has to be a place which is a road less traveled and not visited too often by the mass of tourist.  Unless you know what to look for, its a bit of a hidden gem!  Rightfully so, from the entrance of the trail head its about a 10 minute up hill walk through over grown shrubbery (yes, shrubbery!). Then onward to another steep walk on a paved road.  There are also radio towers on top of the hill in a distance.

I took these photos between 5:30 – 6 pm since this is when I would recommend this location to my photo adventure couples!  Sunrise is also very EPIC as the sun would be rising from the east side right over the bay!

A few things to consider: This is a great place to get married, propose, or even take those memorable once in a life time vacation photos!  However, is not a kid or pet friendly hike. The hike is very steep even though part of it is on a paved road.  The rocks on the ground are very brittle and crumbly.  Take the usual safety precautions to stay a safe distance from the ledge and wear appropriate footwear.   Bring lots of water and sunscreen if you are hiking here during the day.  For the SUPER adventurers there is also a natural rock bridge at the trail’s end near the ocean.

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