Once Upon A Christmas Proposal

Once Upon A Christmas Proposal

Our story and vision about a Christmas Themed Photoshoot
By, Tabitha Miki, Floral Designer and edited by Jolene Kaneshige, Media Director for Jolene Kaneshige Photography

It’s now officially the holidays in Hawaii!  Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is now properly before us. What does that mean?  It means that it was now a fitting time to plot our next project; as our Media Director and I sat down to scheme for this photoshoot (scheming is what we do best!), we thought of all the different things we could do for a Christmas Surprise Proposal Photoshoot. I excitedly and quickly blurted out, “Nutcracker!”

Ever since I was young I adored the ballet! This seemed like the perfect time and opportunity to share that love and passion, for ballet, and inject it into a completely different arena, transporting our audience into its magical world through photography! Thus the Nutcracker Ballet meets Surprise proposal was born!

In lieu of a traditional blog, I wanted to share a fun story about the proposal photoshoot to help showcase our vision for the shoot; and thought it would entice your imagination much more than a “normal” blog. I hope you enjoy our story!

Note: This story is completely fictional and has not been copied, any likeness or similarities to any characters or character, or person(s) are unintentional. This story is for inspirational purposes to encourage creativity for proposals.

The story

The sun was just starting its journey through the forest, as the two “love birds” made their way through the forest, Bob happily chatted with Karen about all the fun adventures they have been on, and all the new journeys to come. Unbeknownst to Karen, her whole life was going to be completely and wonderfully changed! Bob guided her earnestly and gingerly through the forest, giving no clue to what was about to happen. As they approached a clearing, Bob quietly slid behind Karen and gently covered her eyes, whispering sweetly to her, “I have a surprise for you!” He then slowly, carefully, took her hand, and led her to a pine tree in the forest.

The Hawaiian sunset was casting its golden rays through the forest, stopping to highlight a single branch on a tree.  Bob uncovered Karen’s eyes and she saw the a clear glass ornament holding a sparkling, gorgeous engagement ring inside!  Her eyes widened in wonderment as a big smiled spread across her face.  Being filled with so much emotion she squealed in delight!  She took the ornament into her hands and turned to him.  Bob placed his warm hands on her hands and gazed deeply into her eyes and gets down on one knee.

“Karen, you are the beauty that brings out the best in me; just as this ornament compliments and beautifies this tree. Would you do me the honor and will you marry me?” asked Bob.  As he finished his sentence, the ornament began to glow and encompassed them in twinkling incandescence light.  They were transported by Christmas magic!  It was as if they were inside a secret world within the ornament itself! “Yes!” said Karen who was still shocked from the surprise.  Bob slid the ring on her dainty finger, it was a perfect fit.

Their new magical surroundings were filled with new wonderment.  A land of endless Christmas glimmering in shiny shimmering spender, a beautiful glowing heart wreath with roses and filled with red petals. Karen took a moment to take in her surroundings.  Bob suddenly looked different “When did he have time to change?” she thought.  Everything was seemed so hazy.  He was wearing a red coat and white hat just like her favorite Character from the Nutcracker Ballet.

“There she is my beautiful Prima ballerina.  She is my heart and the love of my life” Bob thought while taking her hand.  It was as if they were under a type of enchantment, she was spinning beautifully in a pink tutu, and they danced through their fairytale world, basking in the last rays of the setting Hawaiian sun!

As they journeyed deeper through the forest the light seemed to wrap around them, glistening and swirling! Then as magically as they had appeared into their secret world, they were back in the Hawaiian pine forest as if they had never left.

I hope you enjoyed this story and that it will inspire you.  If you need need help planning your magical Surprise Destination Proposal send us a message!  We would love to help tell your story!


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