Proposal Story: The Secret’s Out at Secret Beach!

Proposal Story: The Secret’s Out at Secret Beach!

When Jeff wanted to propose to Chelsie, he was searching for a venue with a little more privacy, as well as stunning views. Our expert ninja photographer, Jolene already had a perfect spot in mind!

Situated within the Koolina Resort area in Kapolei on the island of Oahu is Secret Beach. This hidden paradise lies between Lanikuhonua Beach and Sacred Beach at Lanikuhonua. This hidden gem is highly coveted for its more secluded shores and fantastic views! Secret Beach was the perfect venue to host his memorable and intimate moment with the love of his life!

Planning the surprise:

Working with Jeff to plan that perfect proposal was such a privilege! He knew he wanted to have amazing photographs capturing that perfect, Hawaiian sunset proposal, but he also truly wanted to do something that would not make it obvious that he was going to propose. He decided to surprise Chelsie with a special mini adventure at Secret Beach. The mini hike would definitely keep things fun, laid back, and full of mystery!!! (It would be the perfect activity to throw her off the scent of what was going to be taking place)! However, he wanted to do more to truly make it memorable!

Jeff worked with us to plan a mini picnic at Secret Beach. The romantic mini picnic would include: rental of a beach blanket, rental of the reservation board, two bottles of ice cold water, fresh red rose petals, decadent chocolate covered strawberries, and a bottle of crisp apple cider to toast their new journey together. The picnic would be the perfect surprise to help them refuel, relax and enjoy the stunning views around them and to be able to live in the moment!

With all the details in place, reservations confirmed, our team was eagerly awaiting for this adventurous proposal! We were ready to watch their love story unfold and have the privilege of telling their story!!

The Proposal:The Secret’s Out!

The day of the proposal our hard working set up team was excited to put all the finishing details on the mini picnic for Jeff and Chelsie. When they finished, they quickly exited and disappeared into the crowd a few blocks away, unnoticeable to our beautiful couple! Jolene, Ninja Photographer extraordinaire, was in position, poised to capture their special moments!

Suddenly, from a distance, Jeff and Chelsie slowly emerged! You could already see the love in Jeff’s eyes as he gently led Chelsie over the path towards Secret Beach and the simple yet romantic mini picnic! A sight that rivaled any romantic movie!! Jolene expertly captured each special moment and proceeded to watch quietly, and carefully from a distance to allow them to simply enjoy each other’s company and the alluring song of the crashing waves.

As if on cue, Jolene emerged and introduced herself to Jeff and Chelsie. The Secret was out!! Jeff and Chelsie, ready to start their new adventure together and now they were starring in their very own photoshoot!

Simply browsing through the gallery of their photoshoot, you can see that Jeff and Chelsie were such a joy to photograph!  They smiled and laughed and really savored the moment as if they were not in front of the camera! Their love for each other really shines through in each shot!

Now, Jeff and Chelsie will forever be able to look back and remember Hawaii, the beach, the mini hike, the picnic, and that moment in time when Jeff asked Chelsie, “ Will You Marry Me”?

Are you ready to “pop the question”? Need help planning? Send us a message! We would love to tell your story!!



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