Proposal Venue Showcase: Laie Beach Park

Proposal Venue Showcase: Laie Beach Park

By, Tabitha Miki Floral Designer for Jolene Kaneshige Photography

Aloha! If you have been following our blogs, you will see that we are dedicated to providing the best experiences for our clients! A huge part of our service starts out with us featuring not only the popular venues as backdrops, but researching and finding new and exciting locales for our clients! It was this very crucial part of my job description that inspired today’s blog!

A few days ago, I was perusing through the past venue showcase blogs and I realized that it was time to go scouting again. I packed up a pretty beach towel, a matching umbrella, a picnic basket, and a bottle of water and set out to explore more of Oahu. 

The dilemma was which direction should I go? We already have featured several amazing locales on the east side of the island, as well as a few stunning spots on the west side! I decided to simply start driving and see where the road or in this case, H-1 would take me. I initially headed west on H-1,but soon found myself continuing to veer north on the freeway heading towards the North Shore. 

The drive over was relaxing despite the remains of the early morning rush hour, people were exercising Aloha and being courteous drivers!!! (It was beginning to be a very rewarding morning)! I continued on toward the North Shore, and was rewarded by the site of small, relaxed beach front shops, beaches, and restaurants. The shops looked sweet and inviting, enticing shoppers with their warm greetings and Hawaii made wares. I, myself was tempted to lazily shop and enjoy the strip of beach near the shops, but something kept pushing me onward to go further.

I resisted the temptation and pressed on. My persistence was about to be rewarded! There were a plethora of beautiful beaches along the way, but the one that stole my heart was Laie Beach Park!  Situated on the northeastern shores of Oahu this picturesque beach boasts stunning views, quiet spots, and soft white sands; making it a perfect locale! 

The beauty of the venue made me feel alive and excited with all the possibilities that this spot had to offer! My inner coordinator and designer in me began buzzing with ideas, designs, set up ideas, logistics, pros, cons, and so many other things! I began making a list of the obstacles first and then the pros after.  I made a mini list of minor issues with solutions. 


A few words of advice: 

1).  Use the restrooms on the way to the beach as there weren’t any restrooms around. However, a short drive past Laie Beach Park there is another beach park, Kokololio Beach Park, that does have bathrooms available. 

2). Bring a small kit with hand soap or hand sanitizer with you.

3). Plan for the long drive. It’s at least a good 1-1.75 hrs.drive to the beach.

Despite these minor issues, I feel that Laie Beach Park is a gorgeous locale and definitely worth it to make the trip there!! There are many spots on the beach that would make any proposal, and/or destination wedding photo the envy of all Social Media!! Ready to pop the question? Planning a destination wedding photo shoot? Contact us! We would love to tell your story!


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