Proposals, how one man plans his romantic ideas.

Proposals, how one man plans his romantic ideas.

By, Tabitha Miki Head Floral Designer for Jolene Kaneshige Photography.

Reflections on a romantic conversation.

The Hawaiian night air was warm and balmy, the stars still shone brightly despite some slight light pollution from the street lights, and then it happened; my heart fluttered and I melted into a puddle! My insightful partner said the most romantic thing! It was so charming that I actually started to tear! So what is it that was so enchanting that had me tearing up? It’s because he said this: “It’s easy coming up with ideas to share with you because they are things I know we would enjoy doing together or I know you enjoy, it’s because I would want to do this with you.” Well, I’m paraphrasing but the basic idea is there. What was he referring to? He was referring to some proposal package ideas for Jolene Kaneshige Photography or things we could add in. The sky’s the limit! What he was describing was so captivating that I could visualize sharing all these things with him! Then and there, I knew I wanted to experience all those wonderful plans with him! (For more details on this you may have to wait while our design team crafts this package)!

This conversation eventually led into a dreamy session of us both shooting out ideas for the ultimate dream wedding and a plan on how we could afford it. He came up with so many amazing things! Ladies, do not underestimate your significant other in the romance department, trust me, they are all capable! But I digress, we also ended up talking about how proposals should be “easy.” It should be second nature because your significant other, you know without a doubt in your mind, you don’t want another day without them in your life. The proposal date is something that is romantic, personal, but something you should both enjoy with or without the craziness of friends and family!

Proposals are not something that should cause you to pull your hair out or go crazy racking your brain over. Remember, you have taken this time to invest and to have gotten to know your love as an individual and as a life partner. You know their personal taste, preferences, you know them so well! So it’s easy to trust that, and know that because you have spent time and invested yourself in the relationship, it’s such a wonderful, easy next step! The words you say are straight from your heart and simply flow, because it comes naturally! You sing of loves virtues because those are all the things that caught your attention and melted your heart, you fell in love and did not look back! I know when that time comes, my incredibly insightful partner, will make it unforgettable and beautiful, because it will be all about us as a couple and that is what makes proposals special, romantic, and intimate!


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