Seasons, Rules, and Care for Flowers

Seasons, Rules, and Care for Flowers

By, Tabitha Miki Head Floral Designer for Jolene Kaneshige Photography

We all go through “seasons” in our life, just as flowers do. If you are in that “season” where you are considering planning a surprise marriage proposal in Hawaii with the love of your life!  We are here to help!  In this blog we will be discussing seasons, rules, and care for our floral friends.  We can’t stress enough that adding fresh flowers will greatly enhance the day!  If you are reading this great!  This is the blog for you!

Thanks to modern technological advances, flowers can be shipped from anywhere to anywhere in the world! However, certain flowers are not allowed out of the country or state and have different needs and “seasons.” For example, if you have a significant other originally from Hawaii and she loves crown flower leis and you want to incorporate it into the proposal,you may have to look at planning a trip to Hawaii! Note: Crown flowers are not allowed to leave the island; but not all flowers will have you running to its place of origin to incorporate them!

The world’s most well known and beloved flower, the rose, is available year round! It is grown all over the world! Roses are easily accessible in most areas and bring romance, elegance, and beauty to your event! There are many varieties and species of roses that can easily bring that touch of class you are looking for! Keep in mind the variety when you decide to give her a bouquet! The type of rose will affect how it’s presented and cost! Ecuador roses, grown for their size and heartiness are able to stand out of water for quite a while, (though not recommended), making simple hand-tied bouquets with exposed stems to complete the look a possibility! (Just be sure to cut the stems and put in a vase with water and flower food after the event). Garden Roses in contrast need to be in lots of fresh clean water with flower preservative and food or in water tubes, or some type of water source.

If you love flowers, this is the post for you. Last week we discussed that not all flowers are allowed to leave their country or state or origin. For example: some flowers, such as crown flowers, can only be found in Hawaii. Roses, though more common, are a classic staple, can be found year around, and can be grown all over the world! Garden Roses are also highly prized for their petal count and/or fragrance, which make them one of the more expensive roses, but nevertheless simply breathtaking!

Not a fan of the rose? There are so many other flowers to help beautify the space or to present to your love! This is where “seasons” come in to play. A few examples are: tulips, hyacinths, peonies, star of bethlehem, and blushing bride protea. Tulips, hyacinths, and peonies are mainly spring flowers, where star of bethlehem is found in winter months and blushing bride protea can be found in the summer going into fall! All of these stunning blooms can still be purchased out of season, for a price. Thanks to hot-houses, boats, trains, and planes these sumptuous flowers can be purchased out of season and/or be shipped from another country! Keep in mind that if you are on a budget, shipping costs are one of the greatest cost variables for flowers.

If you are feeling a little lost, no worries. The world of flowers is a large and vast place. Our staff is very knowledgeable on what is trending and in season. Our floral team is also a great resource for ideas and creating something that she will love. Send us a message to inquire about your surprise engagement proposal in Hawaii and to get more information on which season is best for your bloom of choice.

Seasonal information about flowers can be found here.


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