The Sweets Bar for 2

The Sweets Bar for 2

Inspirations for a surprise destination proposal
By, Tabitha Miki Floral Designer for Jolene Kaneshige Photography

I feel like in the wedding industry it is more the women imagining, dreaming, and scheming; but I think it’s time to jump start the conversation by reflecting it at point A: the proposal! There are countless types of bar setups at a wedding from sweets bars to mocktail bars in some corner of the venue at a wedding. Dream big! Inject some of your style and aesthetic as well as fusing in their tastes to create something memorable and magical!

What if you “happened” upon a picnic set up with a mini sweets bar next to the picnic blanket? The linens, the accessories, containers, and sweets can reflect colors, style, tv, movies, books, things that you both enjoy! Using risers and little accessories that match the theme and colors of the sweets bar is quite impressive! What if the crowning centerpiece of the mini sweets bar is a mini cake with a faux engagement ring at the center? There could be a banner running across the table saying, ”Will You Marry Me?”

Enjoy something a little more rustic? The table, skewers,and clay pots with river rocks holding the small butane cans running as a heat source to heat the marshmallows are not only for technical purposes; but serve to communicate that rustic feel to the s’mores bar! There are now material linens that create that wooden table and country and rustic style. Using a burlap down the center and using rustic wooden boxes of different heights to raise different mason jars holding the s’mores items will all add to the look of the s’mores bar! It will leave the two of you wanting s’more! (Ok, I couldn’t resist, pardon the pun).

All joking aside, these little buffet set ups are a good opportunity to be creative and lavish your future fiancée with treats! It is also a way to offer ideas that could be injected into the wedding later! It is also great to be able to keep the business cards or make notations of the sweets you used at the proposal, so you have a trusted vendor at your fingertips for favors or a sweets bar for your guest at the wedding later! This is a great way for guys to have a vast array of creative options, a time to dream and make those dreams a reality! A time to confess your love and intention to communicate that you want to spend the rest of your life together! It is the perfect time to scheme, dream, and work together in every aspect of creating your lives together!

Give these sweet mini-buffet set ups a try! The sky’s the limit with these “bars”! You can be as simple as you wish or as elaborate! Still need assistance? Ready to “pop the question” and want to make one of these “bars” part of your surprise destination Hawaiian proposal? Contact us, we would love to tell your story!


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