Tips for Getting Married on Oahu

Tips for Getting Married on Oahu

You made that decision to get married or elope on Oahu! Awesome! Not only will you get married, but you also enjoy a two for one of being able to honeymoon in Hawaii!  But, wait…what’s next on the list?  Before you get wrapped up in the excitement of it all and jump on a plane flying towards the sunset, consider these helpful tips!

  1. Remember planning a destination wedding can be as fun and simplistic as you want it to be, after all you are on vacation.
  2. Read How to get Married in Hawaii and fill out the application form.
  3. The guest list is optional.  However, if you are inviting close friends and family, send out the invitations well in advance. I know it will be difficult to convince everyone that they need to visit Hawaii with you, but I’m sure they will take one for the team!
  4. If you are looking for unique or cheaper accommodations, consider renting a beach house on airbnb for the week or weekend!
  5. Choose a near by beach venue to get married. There are many hotels and accommodations near the beach, but if you are in walking distance, it will be a luxury to wake up and spend the morning relaxing before getting ready and walking over.  This also alienates any parking issues you might have if you are getting married in Waikiki.
  6. As soon as you fly-in pick up the Marriage License from the State Department of Health.  Also, remember to bring this paper with you to give to the officiant.
  7. Does the wedding dress fit in the suitcase?  Consider renting a dress or tux for the day from a local bridal shop or buying a vacuum space saving bag.  Also, casual wedding attire is a fashion in Hawaii.  Men & Women don aloha attire or whatever is most comfortable. Bare feet and slippers at the beach are recommended.
  8. What are good places to have a small wedding reception?  I highly recommend a Luau or fine dining such as 53 by the Sea, Orchids, or Signature Restaurant.
  9. If in doubt, hire a professional wedding coordinator.


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