Tips for Holiday Photo Sessions!

Tips for Holiday Photo Sessions!

Quick take cover! The holidays are upon us! “Winter is coming!” — Actually, it doesn’t seem like it in Hawaii. We are currently enjoying sunny weather and temperatures in the 70s and 80s. It’s quite pleasant jacket, sweater, and weather for long plushy socks, which I’m loving! You know you are local when its so cold that you have to look in back of your closet for a jacket and it’s time to start thinking about wearing long pants, maybe even jeans! Although, if the surf is up and the sun is out, you can bet we are still laying on the beach and out there enjoying the blue sky, and warm pacific ocean waters! Its business as usual. Ahhh another day in paradise!

Wait, what does this mean for sunset? For November and December the sun will be setting a little earlier. According to, the sun will be setting at approximately 5:50 pm during November and 6:00 pm during December. It’s highly recommended to start photo sessions 1 hour before sunset for the best lighting.

I can’t believe that this year has gone by so quickly! I remember thinking that it wasn’t too long ago when we celebrated Christmas! I can remember that Christmas felt like it took forever when I was growing up. In fact, Christmas and chocolate chip cookies were my favorite things and all I could think about for a very long time, but I digress.

Now as an adult I’m feeling a little unprepared to take in all the craziness of the holidays. Even the Christmas music tends to get to me if they start playing it before Thanksgiving. I must be the Hawaiian version of the Grinch that stole Christmas because the first things I think about are not being able to find parking and all the long lines at Ala Moana Shopping Center. I don’t know about you, but that’s way more than enough for me to say “Bah Humbug!” Where’s the parking Aloha? I don’t think it will be back until next year!

Spoiler Alert! In the next few paragraphs, I will cover some essential tips for Hawaii destination wedding, family portraits, and surprise engagement proposal photo shoots that help to plan holiday photo sessions!

The holiday season is quickly approaching! The sunsets a little earlier and the best time to take photos is approximately 1 hour before the sun sets. To avoid stress and to insure the best experiences for your photo sessions;I have compiled a few tips and tricks for Hawaii destination wedding, family portraits, and surprise engagement proposal photo shoots that will help prepare us for holiday photo sessions!

  1. Make a plan. There is a reason why Santa makes a list and checks it twice! This will help you prioritize what is important and not forget anyone or anything! This list should include thinking about a Family Photo Session for Christmas Cards or a Christmas Themed Destination Wedding. *winks* It also takes some time coordinate scheduling with a lot of people.
  2. Reserve the date well in advanced! My recommendation is to reserve the date in early November before Thanksgiving or during the first week of December. Tis the season! Things get hectic and sunset availability is limited! Contact Us as soon as possible to reserve your spot!
  3. Set a budget and go shopping with the list in hand. It’s important to give yourself enough time to get all the items you need. Christmas sweaters, hats, and props are a fun addition to any holiday portrait session. Remember, it’s going to be really busy after Thanksgiving so less shopping trips = moa (local slang for more) better and less stressful. I also found that gelato helps me after a long day of shopping. There is something so amazing about a lemon sorbet that I just can’t get enough of or even that seasonal eggnog latte from starbucks. Mmmmm…. latteeeeee.
  4. Relax! Now that you have everything together. Relax! You got this!
  5. Arrive early.  Plan on arriving 10-15 minutes before the photo session. This will help everyone feel relaxed and settled. Do a quick hair, makeup, wardrobe check for everyone.

Remember to have fun! You did all the hard work hunting around for outfits, fighting with parking, and coordinating with loved ones, family, and friends. We can direct everyone from here so you can enjoy all those wonderful holiday photos!

Contact Us to plan your Holiday Destination Wedding, Surprise Engagement Marriage Proposal, or Family Photo Session.