Wedding Location Showcase: Waimanalo Bay, East Oahu

Wedding Location Showcase: Waimanalo Bay, East Oahu

Waimanalo Bay, also known as Angel Bay,  is on the south eastern side of Oahu and neighbors Bellows beach park.  Waimanalo beach regularly ranks as being a top 10 beach in the US for best beach weddings.  It is by far one of my favorite spots photograph and a signature place for surprise wedding proposals or destination weddings in Hawaii.

Venture out of Waikiki on a 35 minute drive to get to this hidden gem of Oahu.  It’s a bit off the beaten path near Paniolo (cowboy) country and not as frequented by tourist.  The beach is filled with natural beauty on a three mile shoreline. It features fine white powdery sand which slopes into turquoise blue water.  The beach is surrounded by tall ironwood trees and a scenic view of the Koolau mountain range. Located a little further down from Makapuu, the view is breathtaking, relaxing, and serene. It’s truly a paradise for surprise wedding proposals, destination weddings, or family portraits.

Kick your shoes off, leaving them behind and go for a walk in the warm blue waters.  This location is called the “Enchanted Beach” by many. There are a few spots which are secluded and romantic as it looks like you have the whole beach to yourself.

In addition to being a great scenic photo spot it is also a favorite for many locals, campers, and body boarders.  The surf is considered to be small and playful so it’s a great place for beginner body boarders and families. I remember spending many a weekend hanging out this beach when I was growing up.  In fact it still looks the same! Occasionally there are Portuguese man-of-war mini jellyfish that show up on the shore line so keep a look out for signs.

The best time to venture to this beach is in the early mornings and afternoons.  The sun really brings out beautiful vibrant colors in the landscape. Also, avoid visiting this beach on weekends and holidays as it can get crowded.