Why choose a destination wedding?

Why choose a destination wedding?

When you get married the usual plan is to have your wedding in or around your hometown. This means that not only can you arrange everything locally, but you can also make sure that the majority of your friends and family can attend. Let’s be honest…this is A LOT of work!

Rather than opt to do the same thing everyone else is doing, many other couples decide that this isn’t the right approach for them.  They want to do something fun, fresh, and exciting! They want to hold their wedding somewhere completely dreamy. Some even travel to a completely different country to say “I do.”

This is known as a destination wedding and is definitely something that has been gaining popularity with the advent of social media. But, why is this? What makes a destination wedding a popular choice?

One main reason is because it gives you the chance to spend time with those who are most important to you. Rather than putting on the usual song and dance for everyone and simply having one evening to celebrate your wedding day, did you know that you can actually turn the celebration into a week or two week holiday?  This is the ideal chance to indulge in some quality time and create some amazing memories!

So, why would you decide to organize your destination wedding? It will save you money.  I know, you are probably thinking “No Way!?” Hear me out, while it can be expensive to travel abroad (especially if you are paying for some of your wedding party), you are definitely going to save yourself money compared to the costs of a regular wedding. The average cost of a wedding in the US is $38,700 according to Wedding Wire’s 2019 Newlywed Report.

There’s more, you will also have the benefit of getting your honeymoon and your wedding together in one package, which is definitely a 2 for 1 money saving option.   The average cost of a honey moon is $5,342 according to the knot.

The final benefit to having a destination wedding is that it will feel a lot more intimate than a local wedding. When you have a normal guest list then you can all too easily find that the list gets longer and longer with more and more people added. This can leave you with a huge guest list that can be really overwhelming. Not ideal, if you want an intimate and close knit wedding.

Dan and Emily’s destination wedding at Magic Island on Oahu, Hawaii

Recently, Dan and Emily decided that a destination wedding in Hawaii was a perfect fit for them! They wanted to say “I do,” surrounded by their closest friends and family, as well as some beautiful breathtaking Hawaii landscapes.

When you take a look at their photos it is easy to see why they choose this particular location.  Magic Island offers a variety of foliage ranging from a natural park scenery, beach, and dynamic cityscape.  Not to mention the amazing sunset which is second to none in the Honolulu area. You can read more about Magic Island here.

Remember, whether you are choosing to have a local wedding or a destination wedding, an important thing to consider is your photographer.  After all, they are what will make the difference between being able to treasure those memories and keep them for a lifetime, or having nothing to show from your big day. Send us a message, we would love to tell your love story.


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